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Gourmet in Holland (2)


I know I make an excuse, but this past year had been a busy year for me. However, it is worth, I continue my study at Saint Louis University now, Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. Besides, I try a new job as Graduate Assistant. It is so overwhelming in the beginning because of the language, culture, everything. But, I slowly adapt the environment and I am fine! 🙂

So, let’s continue from my last post (It was lat year! smh *smack my head*). I promise to write more about Holland cuisine. There are five meals I want to show you. Here you go!

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Gourmet in Holland (1)

Well, it is already one month I do not post anything here. Pretty exciting to share this, worrying how should I write and tell you all. x_x

So, I’d already been in Holland for one year. Of course I already try their speciality food! Surprisingly, I can enjoy most of them. It is like “making proof” about my own limit and adapting ability. Bwehehe.

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I want to share my story for you who would like to try some new experience. In 2011, I began to acknowledge “au-pair”. Before, I never heard anything about this. Because of my aunt who support me to study abroad, I had this information about becoming an au-pair for a Dutch family. I thought au-pair is the same with nanny because the work is taking care of children when the parents not around. But, that’s a little bit incorrect.

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