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Mood-boosting Quotes from Arashi

“No one is born a genius. Just keep on doing what you like and that itself is a talent”-Ohno Satoshi

“Write it as a dream , Read it as a goal” – Sakurai Sho

“I don’t smile because I am happy, I smile because something good might happen when I do”-Aiba Masaki

“We are not that weak, but we are not that strong either. That’s why it’s fine to cry”-Ninomiya Kazunari

“Look at the sky. The large sky connects you and us. When you feel sad, and when you feel happy, talk to the sky. Be strong. You are not alone.”-Matsumoto Jun

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Review of ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’

Pernahkah kalian mendambakan rumah yang bersih dan rapi, tapi menyerah untuk mendapatkannya karena sudah lelah berbenah? Atau mungkin kalian sedang merasa tersesat dalam hidup kalian, bertanya-tanya apa yang ingin kalian capai dalam hidup ini?

Dalam buku ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’, Marie Kondo, seorang konsultan kerapian (ya, konsultan kerapian!) memperkenalkan metode merapikan yang ampuh yang makin marak diterapkan di Jepang dan bahkan dunia.

Lebih dari itu, setelah saya selesai membaca buku ini, saya diajarkan tidak hanya untuk menata barang dan ruangan rumah, tetapi juga untuk menata kembali impian dan kehidupan.

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Gourmet in Holland (2)


I know I make an excuse, but this past year had been a busy year for me. However, it is worth, I continue my study at Saint Louis University now, Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. Besides, I try a new job as Graduate Assistant. It is so overwhelming in the beginning because of the language, culture, everything. But, I slowly adapt the environment and I am fine! đŸ™‚

So, let’s continue from my last post (It was lat year! smh *smack my head*). I promise to write more about Holland cuisine. There are five meals I want to show you. Here you go!

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Gourmet in Holland (1)

Well, it is already one month I do not post anything here. Pretty exciting to share this, worrying how should I write and tell you all. x_x

So, I’d already been in Holland for one year. Of course I already try their speciality food! Surprisingly, I can enjoy most of them. It is like “making proof” about my own limit and adapting ability. Bwehehe.

For now, I will mention five gourmets that so.. Hollandish. Haha, sorry for making weird word. Here we go! Continue reading “Gourmet in Holland (1)”