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Mood-boosting Quotes from Arashi

“No one is born a genius. Just keep on doing what you like and that itself is a talent”-Ohno Satoshi

“Write it as a dream , Read it as a goal” – Sakurai Sho

“I don’t smile because I am happy, I smile because something good might happen when I do”-Aiba Masaki

“We are not that weak, but we are not that strong either. That’s why it’s fine to cry”-Ninomiya Kazunari

“Look at the sky. The large sky connects you and us. When you feel sad, and when you feel happy, talk to the sky. Be strong. You are not alone.”-Matsumoto Jun



Meiliana earned her Bachelor's degree from the Department of Health Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Brawijaya in 2011 and her Master's degree from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Saint Louis University in 2016. She has experience as an aupair in Holland and a dietitian at Siloam Hospital Bali. She was also a graduate assistant during her study at Saint Louis University. Her interests are health and nutrition, sport nutrition, teaching, gardening, sustainability, culture (especially Japanese culture), and tempeh. She likes to learn new things so it is possible that she will develop more new interests.

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